Why join our club?

While the Computer Science department is one of Troy University's most recent additions to the College of Arts and Sciences, the CS major is quickly becoming a very popular option. Even if a student is not majoring in CS, coding is a hobby that is never boring and incredibly valuable.

The Computer Science club is a place that like-minded students can come together outside of the classroom. During this time, students can take advantage of our knowledgeable staff advisers, Dr. Arteta and Dr. Zhao, as well a vast resource of other CS majors who are passionate about what they do.

Organizing and promoting group projects is one of the most important parts of the Computer Science club. In the software development field, cooperation is key. Whether it is directly working with another, or just sharing ideas, a software developer rarely works alone. It is vastly important to learn to code together.

Professional networking is vital to the success of a college CS student. The best way to ensure a job for yourself after graduation (or even while attending school) is to get your name and resume on their table early, allowing them to watch as you develop into the professional that you want to be. The Computer Science club brings a number of different companies, including CGI and Jitterbit, to speak to and network with members.


Coding is an important skill to have no matter your place in life.
The CS club provides a time to come together with other CS majors as well as CS professors outside of class.
Learn to cooperate with others in software development through our numerous group activities.
Professional networking is vital to your career. The CS club provides a number of opportunities to make that happen.