Troy University Welcome Week Geographic Locations for Friends

Wednesday, August 24th

Sponsored by the Geospatial Informatics Department

Home of Surveying and Geomatics, GIS and UAS


You have access to 9 geographic coordinates for locations on campus. The event will run until all locations have been found and photos similar to the ones from the TV show Friends are taken and uploaded. A bonus location is off campus and just for fun.


1st Team to complete all 10 locations - $100 Goldfingers Gift Card

2nd Team to complete all 10 locations - $50 Duncan Donuts Gift Card


Prizes provided by Pike Land Services, Troy, and Polysurveying, Mobile.

You must be a Troy student to win.



Here is a list of 9 coordinates and a bonus set with hints. It will be up to you to recreate each of the 9 photos from the TV show Friends at the given location with 6 random people that you find at the location or people you have invited to come with you.

At each location, you will need to log your entry using this app: . All entries must be complete for them to count. A complete entry must contain: your whole name, your Troy email address, the location of the photo op as plotted using location services within the app, and a photograph of six people arranged similar to the photos of the Friends cast.

You can be in the photos or simply be the photographer. The photo just needs to be of six people and be similar to the photos provided for each location. When you hit submit on each entry, the time of that submission is automatically recorded.

Winners will be notified by email and photos will be posted on Instagram @troygeospatial.

The app will work within your default web browser on your phone, tablet, or other device. You do not need to download any external applications for this competition. The app requires that you enable location services on your device. The app also requires access to your device’s camera. You can practice with the app ahead of time, but be mindful that we will be able to see your practice entries if you submit them.

All individuals must follow basic etiquette or risk being disqualified. Do not damage campus property in any way. Photos must not contain inappropriate images or gestures. Such images will be grounds for immediate disqualification and campus police will be notified if the content is illegal.



To contact the contest organizers please email: