Relativity Courses and Research Projects:

Students interested in relativity and black hole astrophysics should meet with Govind Menon regarding possible course offerings and research opportunities. Depending on student interest, we will periodically offer courses in Relativity I (PHY 4460), Relativity II (PHY 4478), and three Seminars in relativity (PHY 4483-85). Research opportunity exists for the dedicated student with a high midi-chlorian count.

Up coming Course offerings in relativity (if there is demand): Fall 2024 and Spring 2025: Relativity I and II respectively

GR 17

How to prepare to become a theoretical physicist at Troy University:

Theoretical (as opposed to experimental) physics concerns itself with the mathematical and philosophical aspects of physics. Like anything else, theoretical physicists come in different varieties. For example, a theoretical physicist might study fundamental theory like quantum field theory or general relativity. On the other hand, a phenomenologist would apply a fundamental theory(/theories) to a particular physical problem (cosmology for example). Yet others search for analytic or numerical solutions to the relevant equations. Regardless of these finer details, as an undergraduate student at Troy University, a student interested in theoretical physics should take as many courses in mathematics and physics as possible. With this in mind we have created the double major in Physics and Mathematics.

The Double Major in Physics and Mathematics (124 credit hours):
AREA I (6 hours): standard catalog requirement
AREA II (12 hours): standard catalog requirement
AREA III (12 hours): Physics with Calculus I + Lab, Calculus I,
4 hours of general science (astronomy is the recommended course)
AREA IV (12 hours): standard catalog requirement
AREA V (7 hours): University Orientation, Computer Science 1, Introduction to Statistics
Physics Major (37 hours)
Math Major (38 hours)

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Roy Patrick Kerr and I
GR 17

The General Relativity Class of 2020-21
GR 17
Standing (left to right): Govind Menon, Caroline Howell, Soumitra Ganguly, Nick Johnson, Colin Jones, Natalie Larremore, Ashik Kannan (missing Rachid Bowles)

The General Relativity Class of 2018-19
GR 17
Standing (left to right): Sanjib Thapa, Suraj Thapa Magar, Pawan Khanal, Sangharsha Bhatta, Aashish Kafle, Bishal Niraula, H.C. Regan Babu Bhatta,
Govind Menon, Rakshak Adhikari, Ty Naquin, Sunil Adhikari, Ernest Lee, Andrew Crockett, Donovan Ebersole, Madelynn Lytle

The General Relativity Class of 2016-17
GR 17
Top: Joanna Campbell and Alex Brassington
Standing (left to right): Govind Menon,Yogesh Niraula, Aayush Nepal, Pawan Khatiwada
Sitting on rock: Nilotpal Mukherjee