Welcome to  the Troy University Prospect Management help page.  This page is currently being built and will include tutorials, FAQs, and useful tips to make our LeadMaster program work for you as a recruiter for your TROY site.  Please check back as updates  and improvements are posted regularly.

For immediate assistance with LeadMaster activities, please contact Malerie Filiault at malee@troy.edu, or at 334-808-6527.

* As LeadMaster is being optimized for your use and issues are addressed, please see below for some smaller issues you may be encountering:


Prospect stage: Please make sure you’re communicating with your leads regularly.  Be sure to update your leads’ “prospect stage” to “open” as long as that prospect is indeed open (receiving communications from you as an interested prospect who has not yet applied for admission.  I update those who have applied daily.)  All leads should have a stage indicated in their “lead progress.”   A way to view all your prospects who have no prospect stage is to perform a search based on the criteria labeled “Records with no value for ‘Prospect Stage’.” From there, you can update leads to “open” based on what you know about them from your communications.  Please note: Once a lead is moved to “open,” the lead nurture track begins.  It is crucial for all open leads to have this status.

Bad e-mails:  I regularly mark leads with bad e-mail addresses as “bad” in their contact information.  Please update those addresses in your leads as you receive correct ones when you speak with leads on the phone.


If you have duplicates of the same prospect in your own leads list, please keep them cleaned up by deleting all but one record so you have only one of each lead (once you make sure they are actually duplicates.  Be sure the remaining lead has all necessary information in their record.  This may mean transferring information between records.)  Students often fill out the myTROYu form more than once, especially if they have not heard from a recruiter since the last time they submitted it.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE DELETION PRIVILEGES, please notify Malerie (malee@troy.edu) of the names.


I want to help make LeadMaster as easy for you to use as possible.  The potential this program has is powerful, and it will help us recruit on another level as long as we consistently communicate with our prospects and use the information we have to customize each lead’s recruitment experience.  Please let me know if you need anything or have any questions.  Many thanks for your patience and hard work on this program!



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**If you have any ideas/issues you want address, please notify Malerie.  This site is intended to be a comprehensive go-to site for working with LeadMaster.

Malerie Filiault (Coordinator of Prospect Management): malee@troy.edu / 334-808-6527