What is LiveText and why is it used within the College of Education at Troy University?

LiveText is a software program used within the College of Education to do the following:

  • Allow students to enter observational hours in a digital format to safeguard against loss of the hard copy.
  • Provides a secure environment in which student may provide needed demographic or other personal information that should not be communicated outside of a secure environment.
  • Provide evidence of student learning outcomes based on standards as well as evidence of course objectives being met.
  • Provide hard data for program accrediation purposes, strategic planning, assessment, and institutional effectiveness.
  • Allow students to create a portfolio which can be used for employment purposes upon completion of their academic program(s).
  • Allow students to know what they will be graded on for each assignment and have direct feedback from their instructors regarding their assignments.

This site provides tutorials, tips and contact information for using LiveText in the College of Education at Troy University. Use the navigation bar to get specialized assistance.

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