ADE/CHD/EDU/PSE (CP) 6691, On-line Course Overview

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Time-independent Components

World Wide Web-based course material
All lesson materials are posted in the "Lesson Library" section of the CEP 6691 On-line Library.

You must email assignments (bonus questions and final research proposal paper) to the instructor on or before their scheduled due dates.

Traditional course materials
The course textbook and supplementary materials listed below are required for this course. They are all available for sale through the TSUM Bookstore on the ground floor of Whitley Hall. Materials MUST be purchased before the first week of the course (see the current TSUM course schedule for dates.)

Text Book:

Joyce P. Gall, M.D. Gall, Walter R. Borg (1998). Applying Educational Research, Fifth Edition, New York: Longman Inc.

Supplementary (Required) Books:

  1. Renckly, Thomas R. Guide to Designing and Conducting Social Science Research

  2. A booklet of supplementary handouts .. referred to in the Course Schedule and various course lessons as the Supplemental Book or SB.

The course instructor can be reached via email at the Troy University Montgomery Campus. A listing of email addresses for all students currently enrolled in this on-line course will be made available shortly after the beginning of the course. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the instructor during the course to discuss course-related issues. Students may also contact each other to discuss course-related issues.

Time-dependent Components

Advisement, Counselling, Tutoring
Students who wish to consult with their academic advisors during the quarter should contact them via telephone or email for an appointment. A listing of TSUM faculty can be found as a link on the Troy University Montgomery Campus Home Page. Students who want additional instruction/tutoring on a variety of subjects should contact the Troy University Montgomery Campus Gene Elrod Success Center on the fifth floor of Whitley Hall.