CHD/EDU/PSY 6691, Course Requirements
and Grading Policy

  • Four evaluation quizzes (up to 20 points each ... up to 80 points total)
  • Submit a written research proposal (up to 20 points)

COMMUNICATION in the online research course between you and the course instructor is crucial to your doing well in this course.  I expect you to e-mail me at least once each week of the course with an update on how you're doing with the lessons, course work, etc.  This is a time for you to ask questions and get clarification on problems you may be having with the course material.  If you're having no problems, then e-mail me to tell me everything is going ok.

RESEARCH PROPOSAL:  This is a paper that you must submit during the last week of the course.  It must address the following questions:

  1. What do you want to do (purpose of the study)?
  2. How do you want to do it (methodology)?
  3. To whom do you want to do it (your sample)?
  4. What kind(s) of data will you need to collect?

Click here to view sample research proposals.

Click here to view guidelines and grading criteria for the research proposal.

BONUS POINTS:  You can earn one bonus point by writing a hypothetical research study abstract (from one to three paragraphs) of a descriptive, causal-comparative, correlational, true experimental, or quasi-experimental research design and accurately evaluating the abstract by answering the five evaluation questions found on page 49 of the Supplemental Book (Typical Evaluation Quiz Format).  Assuming the answers to those five evaluation questions are correct, you will earn 1 bonus point.  Each bonus question you do must be on a different research design.  Only one bonus question will be accepted for each research design type.  You can earn a total of 5 bonus points.  All bonus questions must be e-mailed to the instructor prior to the last week of the course (see course schedule).

NOTE: Neither Troy University Montgomery Camput nor the course instructor will be held liable for late deliveries of assignments bonus work. To avoid being a victim of Murphy's Law (If something can go wrong it will, and at the worst possible time), be sure to email your assignments well before the deadline. Bonus work not in the instructor's email box by the deadline will be considered late and will not be accepted. GRADING POLICY: A total of 100 points is possible in the course (not counting bonus points). The following grading structure applies:

91 to 100 Points - A
81 to 90 Points   - B
71 to 80 Points   - C
70 or Less           - Failing

Check the on-line gradebook frequently to assess your grades on assignments and exams. You can access it from the main page by selecting the gradebook button.