Sorrell College of Business
Academic Structure
(Effective 08-09-2012)

Dean, Sorrell College of Business

Dr. Judson Edwards

Sorrell College of Business Division Chairs Sorrell College of Business Associate and Assistant Deans
School of Accountancy

Chair: Dr. Kaye Sheridan

Division of Economics

Chair: Dr. Scott Beaulier
Division of Management and Marketing

Chair: Dr. Dennis Self
Division of Information Systems and Quantitative Methods

Chair: Dr. Joe Teng

Associate Dean of International Studies and Special Programs

Dr. Scott Bailey
Associate Dean of

Dr. Hank FIndley

Associate Chairs:

Dr. Skip Ames (Law)
Dr. Chung Baek (Finance)
Dr. Lorraine Magrath (Accounting)


Associate Chair

Dr. Dianne Eppler

Associate Chairs

Dr. Diane Bandow (Graduate MGT)
Dr. Mary Catherine Colley (Marketing)
Dr. Bill Heisler (Graduate HRM)
Dr. Barbara Minski (Undergraduate HRM)
Dr. Robert Wheatley (Undergraduate MGT)
Associate Chair


Assistant Dean

Dr. Rod Blackwell


Assistant Dean Administration

Dr. Skip Ames



 Assistant Dean Administration

Dr. Dennis Self



Phenix City

 Assistant Dean Administration

Dr. Cherie Fretwell


Johnson Center for Political Economy Center for International Business and Economic Development
Faculty Assigned International studies
special programs
Full and Part-time accounting, tax, finance, law and RMI faculty Full and Part-time economics faculty Full and Part-time management and marketing faculty Full and Part-time information systems and quantitative methods faculty
Courses Assigned to Divisions
  • All FIN

  • All ACT

  • All RMI

  • All LAW

  • BUS5507

  • BUS5506

  • All ECO

  • BUS5509


  • All MGT except as assigned to other Chairs

  • All HRM

  • All COMM

  • BUS1101

  • BUS5501

  • BUS5502

  • BUS5504

  • MBA6611

  • BUS6605

  • BUS3382

  • BUS6610/12

  • BUS6625/6/7

  • ALL IS

  • ALL QM

  • BUS5508

  • BUS5517

  • BUS/MBA/EMBA6673

  • MGT3373